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Does Echinacea Really Work Against Colds? Here’s What the Science Says

TIME By Markham Heid November 7, 2018 During cold season, people often search for natural cold remedies and immunity boosters. Echinacea has long been rumored to both prevent and knock out colds. But the evidence in favor of the herbal supplement is mixed, and its varied preparations make it hard to study. The name “echinacea”… Read more »

When physicians order tests: a tale of 2 patients

The first patient, let’s call him Mr. Smith, called up one day last week with a brand-new symptom, which after a phone call was ultimately determined to be disturbing enough that he was offered a same-day appointment. After coming in that same day, he was interviewed and examined, and no definitive diagnosis could be made… Read more »

A New Type of Treatment Shows Promise Against Aggressive Breast Cancer

TIME Health By Alice Park October 20, 2018 In many cases, breast cancer is considered a treatable disease — as long as it’s diagnosed early and treated with the proper combination of surgery, chemotherapy, radiation or targeted drugs. But triple-negative breast cancer has long been an exception. The reason it’s so deadly is that these… Read more »