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iMedicalApps: Apple’s Secret Personal Health Records Project

Can they succeed where Google and Microsoft failed? by Greg Von Portz July 17, 2017 After the high-profile failures of Google Health and Microsoft HealthVault, can tech titan Apple find a way to centralize personal health data, and could it solve medicine’s interoperability problem? CNBC reports that Apple is working in secret to develop a… Read More »

iMedicalApps: Can Apple Watch Read Glucose Levels?

Engineers purportedly working in secret to develop non-invasive technology by Iltifat Husain, MD and Greg von Portz May 11, 2017 The Apple Watch could soon be used as a tool for glucose monitoring that could change the lives of millions of people who are managing diabetes, according to CNBC. The news organization reported that Apple… Read More »

iMedicalApps: New App for Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation

Researchers test SCI Health Storylines app for self-management by MedPage Today Staff May 04, 2017 A team of Canadian researchers recently presented an innovative health app designed to support patients recovering from spinal cord injuries. We’ve seen some exciting applications of digital health tools to support rehabilitation. These include apps for patients recovering from injuries… Read More »

iMedicalApps: Apps for Post-Op Follow-Up

Study touts effectiveness and convenience of remote monitoring after surgery by iMedicalApps Staff May 03, 2017 Patients undergoing ambulatory surgical procedures are routinely sent home the same day of their surgery. Effective systems for follow-up to monitor for things like wound healing and pain management is therefore critical. Forcing patients to make the trek back… Read More » New Medical-Grade Smartwatch Announced

Verily launches Study Watch for use in medical research by Satish Misra MD April 26, 2017 Verily recently announced the launch of a new smartwatch called the Study Watch that will be focused on use in medical research studies. When it comes to smartwatches for healthcare, the Apple Watch has gotten most of the attention.… Read More »

iMedicalApps: VR Helps Bedridden Patients See Outside World

Multiple synched headsets allow whole families to participate • by Brian Chau MD March 23, 2017 An MIT startup, Rendever, is providing the opportunity for elderly patients with restricted mobility to experience the outside world through virtual reality. Rendever’s concept combines the use of multiple mobile VR headsets (appears to be a version of Samsung Gear… Read More »

Primary Care Procedures App a ‘Diamond in the Rough’

by Douglas Maurer DO, MPH March 08, 2017 Overall: A true diamond in the rough; the Proceducate medical app is an outstanding addition for primary care providers looking for affordable yet comprehensive options for reviewing/teaching common procedures. The video is most similar to Procedures Consult in format with excellent videos and fairly detailed text to… Read More »

3 tech breakthroughs that will change medicine

by Gienna Shaw | FierceHealthIT Mar 6, 2017 10:00am From brain implants to a map of human cells, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology is out with its annual list of 10 breakthrough technologies. And although it’s peppered with cool stuff like face-detecting tech that can authorize payments and 360-degree selfies, three healthcare breakthroughs made this… Read More »

Not Feeling Well? Ask HealthTap’s ‘Dr. AI’

What to Do Next Alexa, Amazon’s virtual assistant, ventures into healthcare • by Satish Misra MD March 03, 2017 – This post originally appeared on Amazon’s Alexa is a voice-activated virtual assistant that can do a lot of things, from controlling the lights and temperature in your house to ordering a box of diapers stat.… Read More »