A Health Care Consumer / Hospital Patient Advocacy Group

Vaad Refuah is a not-for-profit organization, dedicated to monitor, report to, and inform the community regarding the quality of health and preventive care provided at local hospitals and health care organizations.

Our Mission

Compile Data And Information

  • Compile satisfaction ratings from health care consumers and hospital patients based on their experience.

Educate And Inform The Public

  • Availability of appropriate facilities and services
  • Patients’ rights
  • Hospital practices and procedure
  • Issues relating to infection control
  • Ratings of local hospitals and health care organizations
  • Report local hospital ratings

Grievances And Complaints

  • Assist in documenting and filing complaints with local hospitals.
  • Intercede with administration in behalf of patients and their families to remedy grievances, deficiencies and issues regarding their hospital stay or care.

Establish And Maintain Professional Relationships With Local Hospitals, Physicians, Health Care Professionals, Social Service Organizations, Health Related Governmental Agencies And Officials.

Engage Governmental Agencies And Elected Officials In Advocating Public Policy On Behalf Of Hospital Patients.

Promote Training And Hiring Programs In The Community For Job Development In The Healthcare Profession And Industry.

Assist Community Based Suppliers, Vendors, And Service Providers In Receiving Equal Opportunity Selling Their Goods And Services To Local Hospitals.