Monthly Archives: July 2019

The old days of medicine are gone

MICHAEL WEISS, MD | PHYSICIAN | JANUARY 17, 2019 In the last decade, specifically in the last five to six years, we have seen the gradual disempowerment of America’s physicians as well as their unfortunate patients. Starting with health management organizations, managed care, all the way to the insurance exchange, doctoring has been forcefully wrestled away from physicians only… Read more »

Our medical training has been outsourced

KATIE KLINGBERG, MD | PHYSICIAN | JULY 15, 2019 Reflexively, I often feel my breath catch, and my eyeballs roll ever-so-slightly when a patient leads with, “I saw on the internet …” The precious minutes available to connect, inspect, and direct the management of their Google search are suddenly squandered by backtracking to reassure the bug bite will not… Read more »

Lessons on Living From My 106-Year-Old Aunt Doris

Love, meaningfulness and the power of connection don’t stop just because we get old. Aunt Doris on her 106th birthday. By Barry Eisenberg May 22, 2019 My Aunt Doris recently passed away, exactly two weeks before her birthday. She would have been 107. I have been involved in health care for my entire professional life, as… Read more »