What Drinking Does to Your Body Over Time

BY ALEXANDRA SIFFERLIN JULY 1, 2015 The effects of having a few drinks can differ person to person, but often people may not realize just how risky their drinking patterns are, or what that alcohol is doing to them under the hood. There [...]

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Why you’ll never escape being a doctor

SIDE HUSTLE SCRUBS, MD|PHYSICIAN | OCTOBER 18, 2018 I want you to do me a favor. Pretend we’re meeting each other for the first time. You have to describe who you are in 10 words or less without mentioning any relationship to another [...]

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What Type of Exercise Is Best for the Brain?

BY ALEXANDRA SIFFERLIN JULY 5, 2017 Exercise is just as good for the brain as it is for the body, a growing body of research is showing. And one kind in particular—aerobic exercise—appears to be king. “Back in the day, the majority of exercise studies [...]

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The Food That Helps Battle Depression

ByElizabeth BernsteinApril 2, 2018 10:12 a.m. ET You’re feeling depressed. What have you been eating? Psychiatrists and therapists don’t often ask this question. But a growing body of research over the past decade shows that a healthy diet—high in fruits, vegetables, [...]

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The Neuroscience of Drives for Food, Water, and Salt

The New England Journal of Medicine TO THE EDITOR For 30 years, end-of-life experts, including bioethicists1 and clinical researchers,2 have maintained that dying without artificial hydration is more comfortable than having dehydration relieved by intravenous fluids. The review article by Lowell (Jan. 31 [...]

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The truth and challenges of being a doctor mom

NADIA SABRI, MD | PHYSICIAN | APRIL 25, 2019 Being a doctor mom is a beautiful paradox of feeling like a badass one moment and a frazzled I-don’t-know-what-the-heck-I-am-doing mess of a person. Being a female physician, the majority of us feel there is a societal [...]

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