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1-Hour Exercise, 3 Times a Week Boosts Cognition in Older Adults ; But no improvement in memory

MedPage Today May 30, 2018 by Judy George, Contributing Writer Exercising for 52 hours over a 6-month period may be an optimal dose for cognitive improvement in older adults, a systematic review of 98 randomized clinical trials suggested. Interventions that averaged 52 hours over a span of 6 months — averaging about an hour, 3… Read more »

Natural Remedies for Migraine Relief

very well health By Cathy Wong, ND Updated December 14, 2017 If you or someone you know has migraines, you probably know all too well how uncomfortable they can be. Throbbing pain, nausea, and sensitivity to light or sound are some of the symptoms of migraines. About 20 percent of people experience an aura—flashes of light,… Read more »

Mysticism and/or rigor: Can science and alternative medicine shake hands?

special section / strange science by Lauren Walker “There is no alternative medicine,” the editors of the Journal of the American Medical Association wrote last year. “There is only scientifically proven, evidence-based medicine supported by solid data or unproven medicine, for which scientific evidence is lacking.”1 Still, use of therapies that commonly fall under the rubric “alternative”–most of them… Read more »

FDA Approves First Marijuana-Based Prescription Drug

TIME Health By Matthew Perrone / AP June 25, 2018 (WASHINGTON) — U.S. health regulators have approved the first prescription drug made from marijuana, a milestone that could spur more research into a drug that remains illegal under federal law. The Food and Drug Administration approved the medication from GW Pharmaceuticals on Monday to treat… Read more »