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Place More Value on Talking with Patients, Experts Say

Shared decision-making works well, but requires time by Joyce Frieden, News Editor, MedPage Today September 26, 2017 WASHINGTON — Paying doctors more for simply sitting and talking with their patients — rather than basing payment more on quality measures — would be a great way to improve the doctor-patient relationship, Andy Lazris, MD, said here… Read more »

Pfizer Spin-off to Pull New Products from Drug Junkpile

Following industry trends, the pharma giant creates a start-up by Damian Garde, STAT News September 26, 2017 There’s a popular theory about the limitations of global pharma companies: For all their skyscrapers and strategy reviews and private jets, they’re simply too knotted up in bureaucracy to realize how many great drugs are gathering dust in… Read more »

DNR Orders Skew HF Mortality as Quality Metric

Adjusting for it ‘would be a step in the right direction’ by Nicole Lou, Reporter, MedPage Today/ September 25, 2017 Current ways to risk-adjust heart failure mortality as a measure of hospital-level quality are insufficient, suggested a study showing that accounting for do-not-resuscitate (DNR) orders reshuffles institutional rankings. Hospitals in California had a median 8.7%… Read more »

FDA Shuts Down Online Pharmacies

Seized 100 web domains as part of international effort against counterfeit meds by Kristina Fiore, Deputy Managing Editor, MedPage Today September 25, 2017 The FDA seized the website domains of nearly 100 online pharmacies — including and — and sent 13 warning letters to the operators of 400 other sites for selling unapproved… Read more »

FDA Warns on Proper Dosing for Liver Drug

19 deaths with obeticholic acid, many in patients receiving more than recommended dose by John Gever, Managing Editor, MedPage Today September 21, 2017 WASHINGTON — In the 13 months after obeticholic acid (Ocaliva) was approved in May 2016, 19 patient deaths were reported to the FDA, the agency said Thursday, at least some of which… Read more »

CardioBrief: Stopping Aspirin Hikes CV risk

37% increase in events seen after discontinuation in Sweden by Larry Husten, CardioBrief September 25, 2017 People who quit taking aspirin have an increased risk for a cardiovascular event, a large national registry has shown. The use of aspirin for primary prevention against cardiovascular disease has fallen from favor in recent years but aspirin for… Read more »

Electric Stimulation ‘Awakens’ Man from Vegetative State (STAT)

Scientists in France may have discovered a key to helping those with brain trauma by MedPage Today Staff September 25, 2017 Scientists from France’s National Center for Scientific Research report that a patient in a persistent vegetative state demonstrated signs of consciousness after electric stimulation, according to STAT. The man was in a vegetative state… Read more »

Breathing Dirty Air May Increase Kidney Disease Risk

Fine particulate exposure may cause 45,000 cases of CKD annually by Salynn Boyles, Contributing Writer September 22, 2017 Action Points • Note that this observational study using Veterans Administration data suggests that exposure to fine particulate pollution is associated with a higher risk of incident kidney disease. • The authors note that fine particles can cross the… Read more »

The world is running out of antibiotics, WHO says

By Susan Scutti, CNN Updated 6:01 PM ET, Tue September 19, 2017 (CNN)Too few new antibiotics are under development to combat the threat of multidrug-resistant infections, according to a new World Health Organization report published Tuesday. Adding to the concern: It is likely that the speed of increasing resistance will outpace the slow drug development… Read more »