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4 strategies to reduce ER overcrowding

by Paige Minemyer | FierceHealth  Aug 29, 2017 10:56am Overcrowded emergency rooms are common in hospitals across the country. But several key strategies unite the facilities that are most effectively tackling this problem, according to a new study. Researchers stratified hospitals into three groups based on data from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services:… Read more »

Elder abuse: ERs learn how to protect a vulnerable population

by Barbara Sadick, Kaiser Health News | FierceHealth    Aug 28, 2017 2:21pm Abuse often leads to depression and medical problems in older patients—even death within a year of an abusive incident. Yet, those subjected to emotional, physical or financial abuse too often remain silent. Identifying victims and intervening poses challenges for doctors and nurses. Because… Read more »

Insurers Are Still Denying Treatments for Pre-Existing Conditions

Patients with chronic illness are often forced to jump through hoops to get drugs they need. Opinion / Commentary – Wall Street Journal By Craig Blinderman  Aug. 22, 2017 6:25 p.m. ET – Dr. Blinderman is an associate professor of medicine and the director of the Adult Palliative Care Service at Columbia University Medical Center.… Read more »

Nerve fibers regenerated with molecular mix

Ana Sandoiu, Medical News Today    August 17, 2017 Scientists may have found a way to regrow axons – a crucial part of a neuron also known as a nerve fiber – after injury. The findings may help patients with spinal cord injury, stroke, or other neurodegenerative conditions recover their motor skills. A team of researchers… Read more »

Does laser therapy for knee pain work?

By Zawn Villines   Last updated Wed 16 Aug 2017 – Medical News Today Laser therapy is an alternative treatment for some types of pain, such as that often associated with the knee. Research on laser therapy is preliminary, and most insurers still consider it to be experimental. However, some studies show it can alleviate pain,… Read more »

CVS Moves Deeper Into Doctors’ Turf

Company plans to use pharmacists, clinics to help manage diabetes, other chronic diseases By Sharon Terlep  The Wall Street Journal   Aug. 8, 2017 3:56 p.m. ET CVS Health Corp., hit by slower store sales and the defection of some big insurance providers, is moving ever more onto doctors’ turf in a bid to win back… Read more »

When Sports Injuries Lead to Arthritis in Joints

By JANE E. BRODY     AUG. 14, 2017      NYTIMES When a physically active person like me injures a joint, especially one as crucial as a knee or ankle, one of the first thoughts, if not the first thought, is likely to be “How fast can I get back to my usual activities?” That kind of thinking, however,… Read more »

We Need to Talk Some More About Your Dirty Sponges

By JOANNA KLEIN  AUG. 11, 2017  NYTIMES A kitchen sponge is not your enemy. But it can be very dirty. Last week, scientists published a study revealing how densely packed your dirty kitchen sponge is with microscopic bacteria. After I wrote an article about their work, readers flooded my inbox with good questions, so I… Read more »

Stroke Risk Declining in Men but Not Women

By NICHOLAS BAKALAR    AUG. 9, 2017         NYTIMES The incidence of stroke has declined in recent years, but only in men. Researchers studied stroke incidence in four periods from 1993 to 2010 in five counties in Ohio and Kentucky. There were 7,710 strokes all together, 57.2 percent of them in women. After adjusting for age and… Read more »